1. Cost and delivery time.

Cost and terms depend on the delivery method and your region. Please check more info here

2. How will the order be packed?

We put each product in a bag, wrap it in paper and place it in a cardboard box. Be sure, your 
order will be safe.

3. Assortment

1) How I should choose the size?

It can be difficult to choose a size without trying on. You can use our tips.
We measure the length and width of each piece, and you will find it all right on the model card. Looking at the measurement table is the best way to determine the size.
For example, you wear size 42, which in the standard mesh corresponds to a height of 164 cm, but your height is 178 cm. And you do not know which size to take so that the sleeves of the 
shirt are not short. Open the "Size" tab in the model card - there you will find all the 
information about the shirt, including the length of the sleeve in each size.

2) What's the biggest size in your store?

Our size chart includes sizes S, M, L.
To choose the right size, please refer to the information from the "Size" tab in each product 

3) How tall are the products designed for?

Standard size S - 164 cm, sizes: M, L - 170 cm.
To choose the right size, please refer to the information from the "Size" tab in each product

4. Where is HeyDress factory located?

We manufacture 80% of our products in Europe. In order to offer our customers faster delivery and quality, we have partnered with leading factories in China.

5. Payments

1) How i can pay for my order? 
You can pay by: Bank card, Apple pay & Paypal.

6. Discounts and Promotion 

1) Seasonal sales
Several times a year we run a sales.
To stay informed about future promotions, please subscribe to HeyDress news or follow 
Instagram @heydress_official.

2) Gift card

Our gift cards are designed to make your wishes come true: just issue the card and the addressee will choose the gift for himself.

How it works?

  • You purchase a virtual card with a nominal value of 100 euros to 500 euros;
  • Immediately after the purchase, we send a letter to the specified address with a personal congratulation from you. The recipient will activate the card and will be able to use it on the same day;
  • You can pay for purchases on the website with a gift card. To do this, you need to enter a promo code when paying;
  • If the purchase amount is more than the face value of the gift card, it can be replenished with the missing amount. Or pay the difference.

6. Orders

1) How can I make changes to an order if it has already been placed?

It is impossible to make changes to the confirmed order for technical reasons: as soon as you have agreed on the order, it is sent to the warehouse, where we promptly collect it and
transfer it to the delivery service.
If you need help with your order, please contact us.

2) What to do if items are missing from the basket?

Models may disappear from the cart if they are out of stock and we do not expect them to 
arrive soon. You can subscribe to the model you need: if one of the buyers issues a return or 
exchange, we will inform you about this using the specified contacts.

7. Safety during COVID-19

1) Is it safety to shop online?

We act in accordance with the recommendations of the World Health Organization and local authorities. We constantly make sure that all relevant sanitary and hygienic standards are observed.

2) How do shipping/returns of orders work?

Please rest assured that we are monitoring the situation very closely and will be in touch. If there are any changes in your order/return, we will inform you.