About Us

About US

Founded in 2021, the HeyDress brand is all about sophistication, feminity, sensuality and naturalness, while at the same time comfort and convenience. Thanks to the natural, eco-friendly fabrics used in the collection, we convey the feeling of comfort that is so necessary for us.

 Our Philosophy

The philosophy of the brand is revealed in the disclosure of all the beauty of its nature: both internal and external.
Internal is harmony and self love. External is inspiration from nature and traditional crafts, care from the environment.

Brand Division

The HeyDress HD and main creative and production centers are located in Espoo (Finland). For 2022, the company employs more than 200 employees. 


The collections are designed in gentle tones and natural brightness colors, the cut is relaxed and comfortable. All this gives a state of harmony and peace with the world and nature, sensations and real emotions.

Collections SS'22

The current season collection SS’22 is inspired by several main themes that will appeal to any woman. It’s divided into senate capsules, which makes it even more versatile. Many shades of light, trendy prints - all modern fashion trends are reflected in the collection. 
For the SS’22 season, our designers have created clothes for important meetings, festive events and ordinary urban everyday life in the metropolis. Fabrics, patterns, embroideries - all these elements create unique feminine images of the new collection.

Quality & Production

Advanced design technologies, taking into account the latest fashion trends, are the basis for creating collections. 
Brand products are equally perfect outside and inside, which is typical for premium products. 
Progressive techniques and experience in the production of the most complex models allow us to use the original eclectic cut, the latest diversified fabrics, fittings and accessories.Own full-scale production provides multi-stage, total quality control at all stages: from the creation of models and the purchase of materials to the receipt of products in the store.